War of 1812 Monument

View of the War of 1812 Monument
View of the War of 1812 Monument

Located on Parliament Hill, the new monument commemorates the 200th anniversary of the War of 1812, and recognizes the courage and bravery of those who served during that war. The monument also provides an opportunity for Canadians to learn more about this important historical milestone and its heroes, as well as helping to foster pride in our shared history.

The monument, entitled Triumph Through Diversity, was created by Toronto sculptor Adrienne Alison. The monument consists of a circle of bronze figures in dynamic poses on a central, rough-hewn stone plinth, flanked by two granite boats.

The National Capital Commission (NCC), as the steward of the Capital, provided the required land use and design approvals throughout the project. The NCC also oversaw the design development and construction of the monument.

For more information about the War of 1812 Monument, please visit the Canadian Heritage website.