The Tin House Court block on Sussex Drive

Construction works in the Tin House Court area
Construction works in the Tin House Court area

In 2016, the NCC will undertake major restoration and upgrading work on heritage buildings located between 445 and 465 Sussex Drive, at 13–15 Clarence Street, and in the Tin House Court.

In the early 1960s, the National Capital Commission (NCC) played a key role in heritage conservation in Canada’s Capital Region, when NCC staff saved the “Mile of History” from demolition and urban renewal. This historical route runs from Parliament Hill to the Governor General’s residence. Since that time, the NCC has continued to invest in and protect its assets located on Sussex Drive and along the Mile of History.  The NCC’s goal is to ensure that this historic group of heritage buildings is preserved, that access to the Tin House Court is improved, and that the new building at 7 Clarence Street is built efficiently. There is also discussion about a community public art project to enhance the area.

Construction work is scheduled to begin in January 2016. The work to be undertaken on the buildings located between 445 and 465 Sussex Drive and at 13–15 Clarence Street will include: 

  • the restoration of facades
  • replacement of the roof and windows
  • improvement of universal accessibility
  • repairs to the foundations
  • replacement of outdated  electrical and mechanical equipment
  • upgrading of ventilation systems 
  • interior renovations 

While this work is being carried out, the NCC will also be undertaking work to improve universal accessibility in the Tin House Court and the construction of the new building at 7 Clarence Street. The NCC has made every effort to assist businesses located between 445 and  465 Sussex Drive and at 13–15 Clarence Street during the construction. 

Once the work is complete, this attractive and modernized group of heritage buildings will be preserved as a legacy for future generations of Canadians. 

Work schedule

Tender process: Fall 2015
Construction start: January 2016
Construction completion: January 2017