Queen Elizabeth Driveway Crossing Enhancements

We are working with the City of Ottawa to enhance two crossing locations on the Queen Elizabeth Driveway at Queen Elizabeth Place and at Commissioners Park.

Between June 10 and June 26, the public had an opportunity to review and comment on the functional design for pedestrian crossovers across the Queen Elizabeth Driveway on the east side of Queen Elizabeth Place and mid-block at Commissioners Park. During the consultation period, 495 responses were received of which 83% were supportive of the Queen Elizabeth Place crossing, and 72% were supportive of the Commissioners Park crossing. Based on feedback received, the following modifications have been made to the designs:

Queen Elizabeth Place Crossing

Map showing the project site located at the intersection of the Queen Elizabeth Driveway and Queen Elizabeth Place.

Queen Elizabeth Place Render

  • Zebra pavement markings will be provided on the crosswalk across Queen Elizabeth Place
  • The existing depressed curb on the southwest corner will be maintained to allow southbound cyclists access to the Rideau Canal Western Pathway.

Commissioners Park Crossing

Map of Commissioners Park, showing the project site located on the Queen Elizabeth Driveway, approximately halfway between Preston Street and Crescent Heights.

Commissioners Park Crossing Render

  • The existing depressed curbs at the ‘Man with Two Hats’ statue will be maintained and the speed limit will be reduced at this location along the Queen Elizabeth Driveway to ensure sufficient sight lines between pedestrians, cyclists and motor vehicles.
  • The new pathway leg (to the northeast) was realigned slightly for tree protection reasons, and shrubs were added to prevent shortcutting across the grass.

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Half of the project’s construction costs will be funded through the Government of Canada’s Public Transit Infrastructure Fund.

The addition of crossing enhancements on the Queen Elizabeth Driveway is identified in the NCC's Rideau Canal Corridor Pedestrian Crossing Study (2011) and in the City of Ottawa's Term of Council Priorities (2015–2018).

Next Step

Construction of both crossings begins on September 26 and is scheduled to be completed in mid-November 2016.


In June of 2011, the NCC undertook a Rideau Canal Corridor Pedestrian Crossing Study which included community involvement and identified priority crossing locations for improvement. Improvements have been previously undertaken at the following locations:

The pedestrian crossing improvements on the Queen Elizabeth Driveway at Queen Elizabeth Place and Commissioners Park are a continuation of this initiative.