Official Gardener of Canada's Capital

Photograph of tulip beds in Major's Hill Park
The NCC is the official gardener of Canada's Capital

The NCC’s mission is to create a beautiful and meaningful capital for Canadians. Tulips are important, as they provide a spectacular, colourful display in the spring. They are also a symbol of an international friendship.

Many people do not realize that a considerable amount of time and energy is required to create the tulip displays in the NCC’s parks. From design to flowering is over a year-long process.

The landscape architects’ creativity results in an impressive range of flower displays. Some stand out for their simplicity and boldness by using a single variety. Others contain flowers of various sizes and colours that convey an impression of movement and dramatic intensity. All contribute to a spectacular springtime experience.

In the spring, across the region, close to a million tulips bring the NCC’s flower beds to life on Parliament Hill, along Confederation Boulevard and throughout Canada’s Capital. The highest concentration of tulips in the region — some 300,000 — can be found in Commissioners Park, on the banks of Dows Lake in Ottawa.