Jacques-Cartier Street Improvements

Conceptual Sketch: Ville de Gatineau
Conceptual Sketch: Ville de Gatineau

The NCC and Ville de Gatineau are working together to improve the waterfront area of Jacques-Cartier Street between the Lady Aberdeen Bridge and Saint-Louis Street in Gatineau. The project aims to enhance residents’ quality of life, improve access to the Ottawa River shoreline, enhance the views of Canada’s Capital Region and make the area more enjoyable for visitors.

The work, scheduled to begin in July 2014, includes the following:

  • a new recreational pathway linked to the NCC’s Capital Pathway network;
  • shoreline stabilization;
  • renewed landscape with more amenities;
  • observation decks;
  • scenic viewpoints that will allow the public to enjoy exceptional views of the Ottawa River.

The Ville de Gatineau is responsible for the project and has prepared preliminary studies (impact study, environmental assessment and preliminary plans). The total cost for the improvement work is roughly $43 million. Under its agreement with the Ville de Gatineau, the NCC will invest $16 million in the project ($10 million in cash and $6 million in lands).

For more information, please contact the Ville de Gatineau.