Greenbelt Pathway — Woodroffe Avenue to Black Rapids Locks Station

The Greenbelt Master Plan proposes the creation of a 56-kilometre pathway that will provide a continuous and varied recreational and educational experience along the complete length of the National Capital Greenbelt. The proposed pathway can be viewed in the Overview Map.

The NCC is constructing a 3-metre-wide, rural, stone dust pathway between Woodroffe Avenue and the Black Rapids Lockstation. This represents an additional 4.3 kilometres to the already completed 28 kilometres of the proposed Greenbelt Pathway.

The new pathway will

  • incorporate existing trails, forest access roads and recreational pathways
  • facilitate activities such as walking and extended hiking, cross-country skiing and cycling
  • maintain a rustic farm lane atmosphere, in keeping with the Greenbelt landscape.

Universal accessibility has been a high priority throughout the design of the new pathway, and key visitor attractions and segments of the pathway will be accessible.

Phase 1 of the work, from Woodroffe Avenue to Merivale Road, was completed in November 2008. Phase 2 was delayed until the City of Ottawa completed the environmental assessment for the widening of Prince of Wales Drive. There is a detailed Map of Phase 1 and a Map of Phase 2.

A public consultation process contributed to the design of this trail alignment. Results of the consultation are available in the Public Consultation Report: Greenbelt Pathway, Section Between Woodroffe Avenue and Black Rapids Lock Station.