Construction and Infrastructure Renewal Projects

Anticipate work on the NCC’s parkway and pedestrian networks.
Anticipate work on the NCC’s parkway and pedestrian networks.

The NCC is responsible for developing, preserving and improving Canada’s Capital Region on behalf of all Canadians. The Ottawa–Gatineau region should reflect its role and significance as the seat of Canada’s government and should be a source of pride for Canadians.

The NCC engages in construction, development and infrastructure renewal projects by developing and providing total funding for its own projects, collaborating with partners, or providing input on projects.

Projects to come in 2014

Please note that this list is subject to change without notice.

Pathway work

  • Redevelopment of the former emergency route, between Saint-Raymond Boulevard and the Gatineau Parkway
  • Greenbelt Pathway: Boardwalk replacement in the Mer Bleue, Stony Swamp and Shirleys Bay sectors

Current Projects

Construction and development projects being undertaken by the NCC’s partners

For more information on all current and future construction and development projects in Canada’s Capital Region, please visit the following websites: