The Canadiana Fund

Photo of the GRANT DE LONGUEUIL EPERGNE, made in 1759
The “Grant de Longueuil Epergne,” made by Thomas Pitts, a noted London silversmith, in 1759.

The Canadiana Fund was created to enhance the beauty and significance of state areas in the official residences. The Fund adds to the NCC’s Official Residences Crown Collection through public donations of furnishings, paintings and objets d’art, or the funds to purchase them. Chosen pieces reflect Canada’s heritage, artistic traditions and historical associations, or complement the architectural style of a particular residence.

Donate to the Canadiana Fund

If you have items you would consider donating, please send a description and photograph of each item to the Canadiana Fund. You can also make a financial contribution toward the enhancement and refurbishment of the official residences.

Tax receipts are issued for all accepted donations. Tax receipts relate to the year the gift is received and are based on the full fair market value of the gift. Consult your tax advisor about the implications of any donation to the Canadiana Fund.

If you are donating an object of outstanding significance or national importance, as certified by the Canadian Cultural Property Export Review Board, you may also receive a capital gains tax exemption.

For more information, please contact the Canadiana Fund at 613-239-5666 or email us at