NCC and Federal Lands in Canada’s Capital Region

Photo of sunset along the Ottawa River
Sunset along the Ottawa River
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The National Capital Act seeks to preserve and enhance Canada’s Capital as a place of national importance and pride. As such, the federal government has acquired extensive land holdings in Canada’s Capital Region during the past century. These lands, a source of Canadian pride and our legacy for the future, include:

  • parks,
  • monuments,
  • public places,
  • heritage buildings,
  • shorelines and
  • large areas of green space, such as Gatineau Park and the Greenbelt.

To use NCC and federal lands in Canada’s Capital Region, one must apply to the NCC. This is to ensure high quality planning and design and to protect the Capital’s natural environment and built heritage.


Property Lists

Lands of National Interest

Certain properties are deemed to be lands of national interest and are prioritized by the NCC. Lands of national interest are lands that are symbolically meaningful to Canadians. They are lands that are needed in order to achieve the NCC’s long term plans for Canada’s Capital Region. Lands of national interest are often referred to as the National Interest Land Mass (NILM).