The Plan for Canada's Capital

The Plan for Canada's Capital

The Plan for Canada's Capital

Share your vision for the Capital for the next 50 years

As Canadians get ready for Canada’s 150th anniversary celebrations, the National Capital Commission (NCC) is proud to present the Plan for Canada’s Capital, 2017–2067, the signature planning framework that will shape the vision for the nation’s capital until Canada’s bicentennial in 2067.

In December 2015, we launched an online public consultation to identify 17 major milestone projects that will transform the Capital over the next 50 years. We heard that you cherish its waterways and natural spaces, as well as its national symbols and museums. We received over 1,200 big ideas.

Now we are proud to share a draft of the plan for your feedback, between July 7 and August 7, 2016.

This plan builds on previous plans and Capital-building projects which have made a lasting contribution and strongly influenced the unique character of Canada’s Capital Region, including its striking natural beauty and dramatic built heritage.

What is the Plan for Canada’s Capital?

The Plan for Canada’s Capital, 2017–2067 lays out the broad vision for the future of the Capital. In particular, the plan

  • outlines the vision for the use of federal lands, buildings, parks, transportation facilities and symbolic spaces in the Capital;
  • ensures that the Capital continues to be nationally significant and supportive of federal institutions;
  • identifies three themes and the strategic principles in the Capital that will reflect our growth as a nation, build a lasting legacy for future generations, and serve as a platform for Canada’s influence in the world;
  • outlines the role of government and its partners in implementing the plan; and
  • includes 17 milestone projects that will guide the next 50 years of Capital building.

2067 Vision for Canada’s Capital Region

Canada’s Capital Region is a symbol of our country’s history and diversity, a true reflection of our democratic values and our commitment to a flourishing and sustainable future.

and Meaningful

Protect and highlight the inspiring symbols that reflect our national identity, celebrate our values and achievements, and represent our indigenous heritage and citizens from across Canada.

and Connected

Support a livable, resilient and economically competitive Capital Region.

and Natural

Protect and enhance the Capital’s ecological jewels and natural features, and improve access to and animation of waterways, shorelines and the Capital green space network.