Ottawa River Integrated Development Plan

Photo of the Ottawa River in wintertime, at dusk
Ottawa River on a winter afternoon

The Ottawa River Integrated Development Plan (2003) establishes a vision, planning principles and concepts to ensure a sustainable future for the Ottawa River in Canada’s Capital Region. It was prepared by the NCC, the City of Gatineau and the City of Ottawa, with input from other provincial and federal departments and key stakeholders.

The Plan features historical and environmental information about the River, its use and character, and opportunities for tourism, recreation and heritage activities. The Plan’s vision is based on five pillars, which identify the Ottawa River as:

  • witness of our cultural and built heritage;
  • guardian of our natural areas and landscapes;
  • a staple of our quality of life;
  • fostering links among communities, places and people; and
  • a force for economic development.

Planning and Management Guide, 2009

The Ottawa River Integrated Development Plan: Planning and Management Guide (2009) is an implementation guide for a range of projects and initiatives identified in the 2003 Plan. The Guide includes a methodology and tool for evaluating and prioritizing potential projects and initiatives. It also provides guidance on project design and best practices.

Ottawa River Summit

The Plan recommended that an Ottawa River Summit be held in the Capital. In 2010 a Summit was led by the Ottawa Riverkeeper with support from the NCC, the City of Ottawa and the City of Gatineau. The Summit brought together First Nations leaders, elected officials and municipal staff from communities within the River’s vast watershed in Ontario and Quebec.

The Ottawa River Summit provided the opportunity to share information, experiences and successes, and to work cooperatively on river related issues. The one-day event focused on:

  • the current state of the Ottawa River;
  • key projects and initiatives that benefit the river;
  • common needs, problems and opportunities for collaboration; and
  • the regulation and governance of our water.