Gatineau Park Ecosystem Conservation Plan

Photo of a water lily and lily pads in Gatineau Park
A water lily and lily pads in Gatineau Park

The Gatineau Park Ecosystem Conservation Plan sets out the conservation priorities for Gatineau Park. It expands on the Gatineau Park Master Plan, which envisions Gatineau Park as Capital’s Conservation Park. The conservation plan guides the NCC in protecting the diversity, integrity and sustainability of the Park’s ecosystems.

The Gatineau Park Environmental Vision

The long term vision for the Gatineau Park environment is:

  • Gatineau Park is a model of innovation and sustainable environmental management, preserving the integrity of its ecosystems and exceptional ecological diversity through innovative management measures focused on the notions of ecosystem and cooperation.
  • Gatineau Park will be a natural protected area that focuses on conservation before recreation.

Ecosystem Conservation Priorities

The plan’s priorities are to:

  • Reduce the impacts of pressures on ecosystems;
  • Maintain or rehabilitate the natural processes and balances needed for ecosystems to function properly;
  • Maintain or rehabilitate the diversity of indigenous plant and animal species (protection of biodiversity);
  • Increase the availability, quality and connectivity of habitats (buffer zone, ecological corridors outside the park);
  • Conserve or restore the park’s valued ecosystems; and
  • Minimize the impact of recreational activities on the park’s ecological integrity and raise public awareness of conservation issues.

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