Floral Vision for the Capital

Photo of flowering columbine
Columbine in bloom
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The NCC is developing a floral vision to rejuvenate and guide its floral program over the next 10 years. The Capital’s gardens will symbolize Canada’s core characteristics and values. They will represent Canada’s unique history, cultural richness, spirit of openness to the world and global consciousness.

Floral Vision Goals

The goals of the Floral Vision for the Capital are as follows.

  • Modernize and innovate the design and programming of floral displays.
  • Reflect the Canadian experience through symbolic and representative floral designs.
  • Increase opportunities to engage visitors, emotionally and physically.
  • Adopt more environmentally sustainable horticultural practices and activities.
  • Encourage the participation of regional, national and international partners in delivering the floral vision.

As funding and partnership opportunities become available, the vision document will inspire and guide the transformation of the Capital floral program.

Consultation Process

During the two-year visioning process, the following public consultations took place.

  • Two workshops with potential partners in March 2009
  • Presentation of the proposed vision over two days at the June 2009 NCC Open House.