Canada's Capital Core Area Sector Plan

Photo of the ByWard Market area of Ottawa
The ByWard Market in Ottawa

The heart of Canada’s Capital Region — the downtown cores of Ottawa and Gatineau — is called the “core area.” The Canada's Capital Core Area Sector Plan (2005) sets out how federal government lands in this core area will be developed until 2025.

The Core Area Vision

The Plan envisions the heart of the Capital as:

  • a unified space for working, living and celebrating Canada,
  • a place that communicates and creates spaces for Canadians to gather and celebrate their sense of country.

Core Area Priorities

The Canada's Capital Core Area Sector Plan focuses on a number of initiatives that contribute to the core area vision.

  • Reinforcing and strengthening Confederation Boulevard.
  • Enhancing and expanding the public experience in the core area, through commemorations and public art, interpretation and programming.
  • Completing longstanding projects and initiatives in the western part of the core area — LeBreton Flats, the Islands surrounding Chaudières Falls, and Brewery Creek.
  • Promoting sites for new cultural and public institutions.
  • Improving the integration of interprovincial transit to better connect the downtown cores of Ottawa and Gatineau.
  • Creating and enhancing connections between the core area and the Ottawa River, as well as between the Capital (Crown) and the civic (Town) spheres.
  • Filling the gaps in the recreational pathway network.
  • Promoting sustainable modes of transportation.
  • Developing an illumination strategy to light up key symbols and sites in the core.