Horizon 2067: The 50-Year Plan for Canada's Capital

Through Horizon 2067, we will chart the future of Canada’s Capital Region to 2067, the 200th anniversary of Confederation.

Our mission is to review the lead planning document that is used by the National Capital Commission and the federal government. This document will guide the development of Canada’s Capital Region over the next 50 years. The plan will be completed by the end of 2013: to get there, the review process is divided into four steps.

  1. The Capital's Challenges: Research and Analysis — Read the full-length report or summary document
  2. The Vision and Goals: A Capital for the 21st Century — IN DEVELOPMENT
  3. The Plan: Strategies and 10-Year Action Plan — IN DEVELOPMENT
  4. The Plan: Consolidation and Approval — End of  2013

We are finalizing the vision, goals and strategies for Horizon 2067: The Plan for Canada’s Capital. The final document will also be accompanied by a 10-year action plan.

To find out more, send us an email at horizon2067@ncc-ccn.ca.