Celebrating Canada’s 150th in the Capital

To celebrate Canada’s 150th anniversary in 2017, the NCC will offer visitors and residents a unique experience while building a legacy for the next 50 years in Canada’s Capital Region.

We will finalize plans to build a Capital region for 2067 and create a legacy for future generations. We will invest in public infrastructure and parks to beautify the Capital. We will invite residents and visitors alike to experience new and unique public programs in the region with the launch of the Confederation Pavilions.

What to expect in 2017

NCC initiatives to mark Canada’s 150th anniversary will fall under three areas:

Planning the Capital

In 2017, we will roll out two major plans that will guide the improvement of the Capital region in the next fifty years to the bicentennial of Canada in 2067:

Residents and visitors will also be invited to experience unique and enhanced public programs in Gatineau Park, on the Rideau Canal Skateway and during Sunday Bikedays.

Beautifying the Capital

We are working on several projects that will enhance the beauty of the Capital, including:

Confederation Pavilions

Winter Pavilion

Winter Pavilion

International Pavilion

International Pavilion

We will celebrate the 150th anniversary with the grand opening of the new International Pavilion at 7 Clarence Street and 50 Sussex Drive. Ten diplomatic missions will use this space to highlight their relationship with Canada and showcase the best of their culture.

Residents and visitors will also have a unique opportunity to experience programs at NCC heritage properties rarely accessible to the public.

Find more information about the Confederation Pavilions here.

NCC Behind the Scenes

We will continue to work behind the scenes in support of partner initiatives, including major events organized by Canadian Heritage, such as Canada Day and Winterlude. We will also help facilitate special events in the Capital in 2017, including Red Bull Crashed Ice in Ottawa and MosaïCanada 150/2017 in Gatineau.