Park and Cycle in Canada’s Capital

Photo of a man with his bike
Park your car and ride your bike to work!

Add some fresh air to your commute, and do your part for a greener capital. The NCC has established the Park and Cycle program to promote sustainable transportation in Canada’s Capital Region. Between 6 am and 10 pm,* from snowmelt until the first frost, you can park your car for free in a Park and Cycle parking lot, then hop on your bike to complete your journey to downtown Ottawa–Gatineau on one of the Capital’s many multi-use pathways.

Park and Cycle Locations

There are 14 park and cycle locations in Ottawa and Gatineau, with a total of 535 parking spots. Each location is strategically located beside a bike-friendly route, and is marked on the Ottawa-Gatineau Cycling map.


  • Champlain Bridge: 60 parking spaces
  • Shirleys Bay: 50 parking spaces
  • Deschênes Rapids: 45 parking spaces
  • Hampton Park (on Island Park Drive): 30 parking spaces
  • Sir George-Étienne Cartier Parkway (four locations): P4, 35 parking spaces; P5, 40 parking spaces; P7, 35 parking spaces; P8, 25 parking spaces
  • Greenbelt (two locations): P18, 25 parking spaces; P21, 20 parking spaces


  • Chaudières parking lot: 20 parking spaces
  • Deschênes parking lot: 20 parking spaces
  • Gatineau Park Visitor Centre: 100 parking spaces
  • Leamy Lake:* 30 parking spaces

Park and Cycle Season

The season begins as soon as the snow melts (around April 15) and ends with the first frost (around November 1).

Washrooms There are washrooms along some routes.

Free parking is available at Park and Cycle locations between 6 am and 10 pm,* from snowmelt (around April 15) until the first frost (around November 1).

* Leamy Lake Park parking lot is open during the following operating hours:
7 am to dusk

  • no later than 7 pm, from snowmelt until the first frost
  • but no later than 10 pm, from mid-May to Labour Day
Note: Park and Cycle locations are not accessible during winter. 


The Park and Cycle parking locations are marked on the Ottawa-Gatineau Cycling map.