Rules for Electric Bikes (“E-Bikes”)

Photo of cyclists on a bike path
The Capital Pathway network

A set of rules for electric bikes is in effect on the NCC’s multi-use pathways within the Capital Pathway network.

General Rules

  1. Electric bikes that physically resemble conventional bikes are permitted on the NCC’s Capital Pathway network.
  2. All electric bikes, including scooter-type, are permitted on dedicated NCC bike lanes (as opposed to the multi-use pathways, the Capital Pathway network).
  3. Scooter-type power-assisted bikes are prohibited on the NCC’s Capital Pathway network, during the Sunday Bikedays and Short Loops in the Park programs. Very often, the electric bike with a non-conventional appearance is much heavier than a conventional-type electric bicycle, and therefore poses greater risks to safety in the event of a collision.
  4. In Gatineau Park, all electric bikes are prohibited on the 90 kilometres of natural surface trails intended for hiking and mountain biking.
  5. Rules for electric bikes do not apply to motorized mobility aids such as wheelchairs, three-wheel electric scooters and four-wheel electric scooters.