Discover 12 Spots to Enjoy the Fall Colours in Gatineau Park

Discover 12 Spots to Enjoy the Fall Colours in Gatineau Park
Discover 12 Spots to Enjoy the Fall Colours in Gatineau Park

Gatineau Park is full of unique and fascinating places to view the magnificent fall colours. Of course, there are several “must-see” spots, such as the lookouts, parkways and Pink Lake. But the Park also has many hidden gems that are worth checking out, and where the leaves are just as beautiful.. So why not explore a different part of the Park and make some new discoveries!

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New discoveries: Camping, covered bridge, festivities

Four-Season Tent

Philippe Lake

Camping in a four-season tent* + rent a canoe* +colourful reflections on Philippe Lake

Four-Season Tent

Cross Loop Road

Hike or bike on Cross Loop Road + covered bridge + photo ops at beautiful Meech Creek Valley

Photo © Matthew Farfan
Four-Season Tent


Three weekends of fall festivities + unveilings + shows + community events

For families: Picnics and biking

Four-Season Tent

Breton Beach

Barbecue at Philippe Lake + walk on Breton Beach + game of Frisbee

Four-Season Tent

Gatineau Parkway

3-km bike ride on the north section of Short Loops in the Park + stop halfway at a park bench for a break and a snack

Four-Season Tent

Luskville Falls

Hike to Luskville Falls + stunning variety of trees as the hike takes you higher

For couples: Peace and tranquility

Four-Season Tent

La Pêche Lake

Canoe-camping* at La Pêche Lake + read a book under the colourful tree canopy

Four-Season Tent


Relax at the Wakefield Mill + hike on newly refurbished trail 52

© Wakefield Mill Hotel and Spa
Four-Season Tent

Mackenzie King Estate

Tour renovated cottages at the Mackenzie King Estate, weekdays (except Tuesday) + enjoy a meal at the Tearoom

For adventurers: From cave to treetop

Four-Season Tent

Northern Sector

20-km mountain bike loop starting at P17 + picnic on Breton Beach at Philippe Lake

Four-Season Tent

Lusk Cave

Hike to Lusk Cave + colourful variety of mature trees along the way

Four-Season Tent

Camp Fortune

Visit Camp Fortune’s Aerial Park and zip lines + ride the chairlift to the top for a breathtaking view + Sunday brunch + fall colours activities

© Camp Fortune aerial park and zip lines

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Plan your outing, and don’t forget to check for seasonal road closures.

Please help protect Gatineau Park: leave no trace.