The Capital Urbanism Lab

The Capital Urbanism Lab is a space for innovative gatherings, a place for inspiration, and where leaders, experts and the general public come together to discuss and share knowledge on various ongoing and emerging topics related to planning a capital. These discussions will touch on all elements that go into the short- and long-term planning and stewardship of a capital.


The Capital Urbanism Lab will support the NCC’s mandate and activities, and provide opportunities for the NCC to engage with stakeholders and the public, gain knowledge, and meaningfully contribute to discussions related to urbanism, design, physical and natural heritage and conservation, sustainability, and placemaking. The Lab will also provide a new and creative space for public consultations, and will serve as a setting to undertake the following:

  • identify existing and emerging challenges and trends facing Canada’s Capital Region and the task of building a capital;
  • expand the NCC’s capacity as a partner and innovator to develop solutions to and best practices for addressing these challenges;
  • bring together partners to support and promote innovation in Canada’s Capital Region.

Past Meetings